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An irrepressible Educationalist is sure to live in history, hearts and memories for generations to come as the man who shaped the destiny of Education in Andhra Pradesh, India. As an unchallenged Educationalist a leader of the masses a true spokesman of the Muslim community who showed magnificent courage and sacrifice had been an inspiration in the field of Education for others not only in Andhra Pradesh but throughout the Country. He is an immensely learned man and could feel the pulse of the masses.

Dr. Mohammed Vizarath Rasool Khan, an Eminent Educationalist from Hyderabad is popularly known as “Dr. Saab”, particularly among Muslim masses in the State of Andhra Pradesh. He is a Medical Graduate from Osmania Medical College and subsequently practiced Medicine. He served as Member of legislative assembly (M.L.A) for two terms in the year 1984-1989.
He entered politics in 1984 and inherited the concern for minorities, particularly the Muslim and thereby took up the challenge of educating masses and merged them into the National mainstream. During his tenure as a legislative member, he has established Medical and Engineering College which was a far distant dream of Muslim leadership.
He is also the Chairman, Founder and Chief Promoter of Shadan Educational Society which was established in the year 1984. He translated the dream and concern to educate Muslim masses by establishing more then 60 institutions right from kinder garden to medical education and many professional, Technical, Colleges throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh.
His prime priority is to educate all and particularly Muslim masses in all fields and make them worthy citizens of the country.
“The challenge was not the end but the beginning.”

His struggle took a new turn towards offering professional education to the Muslims and thereby founded schools ,junior, Degree, Bed, MSc, 14 Engineering, 5 Pharmacy and Two Medical College’s Throughout the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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